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Internet Marketing Isn’t For the Bodybuilder!

That’s what most people would say. People with bad figures, morbid health levels and a very unhealthy lifestyle are plenty all over the world. So why should a bodybuilder, let alone a health buff, try to do Internet marketing?

The Competition is Getting Stiff

If you’ve been aware the last couple of years, health blog and website numbers have increased in number. Most of these blogs are run by some celebrities, or celebrity health coaches. Some of them are also established names in the industry.

Things were easy back in 2010. But in 2015, things are getting more challenging. Content is becoming more interesting and brand becomes everything.

And you’ll need a coach who isn’t only fit and healthy, but someone who understands the essence of Internet Marketing.

I’m Scott Wilson

Morning Jogs
Morning Jogs

I started this blog in 1999. It had undergone significant numbers of renovations form since the last time I wrote something very personal in it.

I admit I wrote many personal things in this blog. But in the past, people wanted to know about other people, so we made our web logs, as it was called then.

Today’s blogs aim to be more informative, not on the personal side, but more on the topics at hand.

The problem is, plenty of people are also doing these. So, what’s anybody’s edge when it comes down to it?

Internet Marketing, SEO, Social Networks, and Nosebleeding.

I understand if you’re not familiar with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Network Marketing and Analysis, Metric and Audience Behaviour Measurements and other Internet advertising and marketing factors. They’re best left to the pros.

And fortunately, I can tell them to you at a price lower than these professionals usually charge.

What I tell you is not just about Internet marketing. It’s also creating connections between bodybuilding, diet and fitness and everything else health-management and other hot topics in the Internet today.

In short, I and my team could do that just for you. My SEO manager in Northampton, whom I have worked with extensively, understands the trade. As we’re all health buffs, you could expect we know how the business and brand works.

So What Do You Say?

This is just one way to introduce our industry to the market, but we must admit, we won’t have all the answers for you.

But our promise is that we will do all we can to give you that answer once you ask us the right questions.

So fill out this form, and let’s get started!

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